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Call for applications for master’s thesis in the area of freshwater monitoring

The research group Water Resource and River Basin Management is looking for highly motivated students interested in conducting a master’s thesis with the topic:

‘Fluorescence EEM spectroscopy for an innovative and fast characterisation of lake sediments’

Fluorescence excitation-emission matrix (EEM) spectroscopy is a well-established analysis method for the monitoring of drinking water. Their use in freshwater systems is however in the early stages of development and poses an enormous potential for further innovation. As part of a master’s thesis, this method will be applied and tested in a case study in the reed belt of a shallow lake in Austria.

Aim of the master’s thesis is to identify characteristic EEM-fingerprints for different lake sediment +#types. This will aid the extrapolation of results from alongside-running laboratory experiments and on-site investigations to the whole area of the lake.

Content of the master’s thesis:

  • Analysis of lake sediment samples with fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Specification of characteristic fingerprints of the organic matrix in these samples
  • Characteristic grouping of the identified lake sediment types by EEM, organic dry matter and varying in environmental parameters

Start: August/September 2017

Please note that costs for staying abroad cannot be covered, but we are happy to aid you with applications for student scholarships (i.e. Erasmus+).

For further information please contact:

Dr. Ottavia Zoboli Emailozoboli(at)