Research Unit Water Quality Management | E226

TU Wien

Publication Overview

Scientific Publications

A summary of scientific publications of the research center. For individual publications of staff members please refere to the publication lists of their site entries here.

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Wiener Mitteilungen / Vienna Notes

The booklet series "Wiener Mitteilungen" provides monographies, PhD thesis and full paper articles from training courses and local conferences dealing with a broad field of topics related to waster quality management, technology and analytical issues. The series exists since 1968 and consists of more than 200 books and maily is in german language.

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The short film "Mikrokosmos Kläranlage" (the microcosmos of wastewater treatment plants) was released with the intension of public communication of the activated sludge microbiology for treatment plant operators and schools. Ig is in german and has a broad distribution in the german speaking countries.

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Since 2000 the traditional activated sludge calender of the research center is published. Each year it depicts a different activated sludge organism.

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