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The Research Unit Water Quality Management deals with a broad range of the anthropogenic water system and the aquatic environment through teaching and research, and is headed by Jörg Krampe. On issues related to the water quantity management, there is close collaboration with the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management.

The main research areas are an integral part of the TU’s research focus on “Energy and Environment” reflecting the universities mission statement: "technology for people". In that regard not only biological, technical and operative aspects of wasswater treatment are adressed, but water body immissions, water resource management and monitoring techniques are our core expertise too.

The research unit is divided into three research groups. Additionally a laboratory and pilot plant area is supporting research:

  • Wastewater Treatment [read more]
  • Water Ressource and River Basin Management [read more]
  • Molecular Microbiology in Sanitary Engineering [read more]

The three research groups are interlocked and closelywork together within particular projects.

The interdisciplinary nature of the team (in fields such as civil engineering, chemical engineering, microbiology, environmental engineering, and food chemistry) provides for comprehensive scientific analysis of complex issues. An important objective of the research unit is the contact with practitioners, in order to ensure that the research is focused and able to address problems relevant to the field.