Abfallwirtschaft und Ressourcenmanagement


Research Center of Waste and Resource Management
Institute for Water Quality and Resource Management
TU Wien

Karlsplatz 13/226
A-1040 Vienna

Tel.: +43 1 58801-226 41

Mission Statement

Growth in materials consumption causes increasing amounts of wastes and consumer emissions. It is our goal to supply tools for a better understanding and design of the metabolism of urban societies. Our solutions support a gradual shift from a quantitative material growth to a qualitative increase in welfare with less pollution and better resource use.


Science to Support Circular Economy

International Symposium hosted by the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Anthropogenic Resources September 19, 2018 Kuppelsaal TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13, A-1040 Vienna

We moved

due to construction works for two years.

From 20th February 2017 forward you will find us at our new address

Karlsgasse 13
1040 Wien