Abfallwirtschaft und Ressourcenmanagement

Ongoing projects

  • BIMaterial - Process-Design für BIM basierten, materiellen Gebäudepass
  • CapNex - Capacity building on the water-energy-food security Nexus through research and training in Kenya and Uganda
  • Imvepi - Building local capacities on solid waste management in Imvepi settlement
  • Landfill enclosure
  • Lex ReUse - Waste prevention in the construction sector through reuse of construction components - legal and technical actual state analysis
  • M-DAB - Analyzation, Digitalization and Sustainable Management of Anthropogenic Resources within the City
  • MinFuture - Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies
  • MINEA - COST Action “Mining the European Anthroposphere”
  • Mintox - Microbial nitrogen conversion when breaking down waste
  • MUBS - Mining the urban building stock
  • NaDemo – Sustainable landfill aftercare model for Austria
  • OEAD_Global South
  • PET2Pack
  • TransLoC - Transformation of Cities into a Low Carbon Future and its Impact on Urban Metabolism, Environment, and Society
  • UNDIO Toolkit – Tool for creating waste management plans
  • UrbanWaste - The Future of Urban Waste Management: Integrated modelling in view of circular economy and environmental impacts
  • VITO - Towards a metric for the resource effectiveness of circular economy strategies