Water Quality Management


Reed Belt Neusiedler See/Fertő  - Joint Approach for Ensuring the Water Quality of Lake Neusiedl/Fertő


Land Burgenland (INTERREG Projekt AT-HU 2014-20)

Contact Person:
Matthias Zessner (Emailmzessner(at)

Research Staff:
O. Zoboli, A. Amann, D. Reif, E. Saracevic

DWS Hydro-Ökologie GmbH (Link)
TU-Wien; Institut für Wasserbau und Ingenieurhydrologie (Link)

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Short Description

The lake Neusiedl, in the easternmost part of Austria, is a shallow, slightly alkaline steppe lake. It is an internationally important wetland and refuge for endangered bird species, and a relevant source of economic services in Eastern Austria. A number of studies in the past years have raised concerns over different issues jeopardizing its water quality and on the large knowledge gaps affecting this ecosystem. In particular, the role played by the large reed belt in influencing the water quality of the lake at present is not understood.This project aims to enahnce our understanding of the exchange processes between reed belt and lake and of the role played by the reed belt in ensuring a good water quality of the lake. Through a combination of field measurements, laboratory experiments and modelling, the project will deliver a solid scientific basis for the development of an appropriate management plan, which for the first time will regard the lake and the reed belt as a whole.