Water Quality Management


Advanced wastewater treatment for the removal of organic trace compounds - toxicological evaluation and practical application

12.2016 - 11.2019

BMLFUW / KPC (Projektnummer B601389)
Land Burgenland

Contact Person:
Norbert Kreuzinger Emailnorbkreu(at)

Project Staff:
H. Schaar, D. Reif, E. Saracevic, S. Weilguni, A. Winkelbauer

Donau Chemie AG
Messer Austria GmbH
Xylem Service GmbH
Stadtgemeinde Frauenkirchen


short description

KomOzAk II investigates the technical solution of a combined ozonation - activated carbon adsorption unit for the removal of organic trace pollutants. The objective of KomOzAk II is to validate and toxicologically evaluate the process engineering opimization determined during the preceding project KomOzAk I.

With regard to the internationally approved operational baseline of 20 min hydraulic retention time and a specific ozone demand of 0.7 g O3/g DOC, the reduction to 33-50 % of the reactor volume considered necessary to date and to 0.5 g O3/g DOC will not only be evaluated from an economical, but also from a toxicological point of view. The outcomes of the project shall contribute to  assess relevant parameters for an economic implementation of advanced wastewater treatment with ozone and granular activated carbon as multi barrier system in order to go in line with the principles of sustainable wastewater treatment, such as energy efficient or even self-sufficient treatment plants.

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