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The Microcosm of Wastewater Treatment (german)


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  • water consumption and origin of wastewater - 2 min
  • Wastewater treatment in general - 4 min
  • microbiology of wastewater treatment - 9 min


Short Description

The film is a co-production of the research center with the Austrian Water and Waste Management Association (ÖWAV)with the goal to provide a simple and 16 minute short tool for wastewater treatment plant operators and teachers to communicate the basic functioning of a wastewater treatmnet plant.

In a simple but demonstrative way a comprehensive picture of biological wastewater treatment is provided, starting with the discharge of drinking water used in the household to technological and biological processes in wastewater treatment. Special focus is set on the microscopy of activated sludge sludge, showing the diversity of protozoa and the vivid life in wastewater treatment plants.

Let yourself get drawn into the microcosm of wastewater treatment and the fascinating organisms treating our wastewater in a biological way.