Water Quality Management

Scientific Basics and Advanced Treatment Processes

The research group "Scientific Basics and Advanced Treatment Processes in Water Quality Management" under Norbert Kreuzinger has a long tradition in water and wastewater microbiology and in the quantification of microbiological and chemical processes in water / wastewater treatment and waterbodies. In that context it deals with the identification and solution of biological problems in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.

The main focus of the research group is on emerging contaminants in the urban water cycle (water supply, wastewater treatment, aquatic environment).

The behavior of

  • organic trace compounds
  • engineered nanoparticles
  • microplastics
  • antibiotic resistance

in wastewater treatment processes and the aquatic environment is examined and technical solutions of further removal are evaluated and developed.

A further topic is the challenge for water resource management related to climate change and its effects on the aquatic environment.