Water Quality Management

Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

Design, development and evaluation of treatment processes

Research is carried out on the design and development of innovative processes and concepts. Our traditional strength in applied research provides a long-term experience in the development of aerobic and anaerobic biological wastewater treatment from lab to full-scale


Operational problem-solving

Data analysis is the key to problem-solving. Based on a thorough data check individual solutions are developed. The tool of mass balances (material flow analysis) has a long tradition at the research center for water quality. It is considered an indispensable tool both for the interpretation and the evaluation of operational data.


Operations and energy optimization

A wastewater treatment plant’s optimization potential is given by the deviation from standards and benchmarks considering the local and site-specific situation. Our strength in data analysis is the base for the optimization process.


Modeling and dynamic simulation

Modeling wastewater treatment with dynamic simulation enables us to work on complex issues such as the determination of the actual capacity limit of a wastewater treatment plant, the performance at a specific load or the energy optimization of aeration systems. Based on these analyses further measures can be developed.


Industrial wastewater treatment

Changes in the production process will impact wastewater treatment and often individual approaches are required in order to achieve the optimum solution for both the operator and water protection. Our team looks back at a long history in wastewater treatment from sugar beet and pulp and paper industry.