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Metabolism of the Anthroposphere


Chapter 1: Introduction

Urbanization of Planet Earth

Evolution of the Anthroposphere

Metabolism of the Anthroposphere

Scope and Purpose of the book


Chapter 2: Metabolic Phenomena in the Anthroposphere

The metabolism of the individual human being

The metabolism of human societies

Metabolism of the private household

The metabolism of a city

The metabolism of a region

Key phenomena of modern anthropogenic metabolism

Learning from metabolic accidents and collapses in history

Learning by adapting the anthroposphere

Forestry and timber consumption, a prototype of sustainability

Managing oligotrophic ecosystems within an eutrophic anthroposphere

Metabolic problems of a subsistence economy

Worldwide Waste

The great risk of the developed countries

An overview of methodical approaches for metabolic studies


Chapter 3: Analysis and Assessment of Metabolic Processes

Structuring with activities

Activities and Values

Processes, Goods and Substances

Designing material systems for metabolic studies

Exemplifying with paper and its metabolic idiosyncrasies

Quantification and assessment using material flow analysis (MFA)

MFA methodology

Modeling of Metabolic Systems

Physical and mathematical formulation of metabolic systems

Examples of software to model MFA/SFA

Evaluation of metabolic processes

SFA based assessment methods

Methods including both MFA and SFA level

MFA based assessment methods

Conclusions regarding evaluation methods


Status Quo of MFA/SFA

Future developments


Chapter 4: Analyzing Regional Metabolism

Regions as anthropogenic systems

About the human condition, the polis and geographical scales

Arguments for choosing new urban systems

Introducing the Model Region METALAND

Metabolic Status of METALAND described by activities



Conclusions on the typology of material systems for urban systems


Chapter 5: Designing Metabolic Systems

Preliminaries to the design of anthropospheres

Case studies for the design of metabolic systems

Phosphorus management

Urban Mining

Designing waste management

More mobility with less traffic

Summary and Conclusions

Conclusions based on a synoptic analysis

Summarizing the essentials of metabolic designing









Metabolism Of The Anthroposphere, Peter Baccini and Paul H. Brunner