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Handbook of Material Flow Analysis: For Environmental, Resource, and Waste Engineers, Second Edition

Brunner, P. H.; Rechberger, H. (2016)

CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 9781498721349 - CAT# K25579

Language: English



  • Continues to serve as the only book on material flow analysis (MFA)
  • Updates information concerning MFA/SFA development
  • Includes software STAN and links to STAN2WEB
  • Contains new case studies about resource management and waste management
  • Provides a fresh, data-based treatment of uncertainty


Since the first issue of the handbook was published in October 2003, the field of material flow analysis (MFA) has developed rapidly, including hundreds of MFA studies all over the globe. MFA methodology has become a widely used technique in environmental management, resources management, and waste management. Today, most MFA done on a global basis uses the MFA methodology described in this handbook, because the methodology offers a concise, transparent, reproducible, and well-accepted framework for performing MFAs and substance flow analyses (SFAs).