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BIOMA - software for balance method

>>> bioma - software for balance method (vers. 2.2.1304)
bioma- software for balance method


BIOMA allows determination of the following parameters of Waste-to-Energy plants:

  • ratio of energy produced from biogenic sources
  • carbon dioxide originating from fossil sources
  • lower/upper heating value of the waste feed
  • carbon content of the waste feed
  • content of biomass (ash and moisture free) of the waste feed
  • content of fossil matter (ash and moisture free) of the waste feed
  • ash content of the waste feed
  • water content of the waste feed

Only is routinely measured operating data of the Waste-to-Energy plant are required. Detailed information regarding the input data required can be found in the info folder.


BIOMA offers:

  • automatic data processing and reporting (annual reports)
  • online calculation (1 hour resolution)

Download a free trial version (including user manual). No data base installation necessary. Restriction of trial version:

  • no import of operating data and report packages possible
  • all changes will be reset when BIOMA is closed


If you are interested in a licensed version of BIOMA please contact:

Christian Riber
Business Development Manager

Ramboll Group A/S

DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Hannemanns Allé 53

Phone: +45 5161 8314
E-Mail: CTR(at)

BIOMA Software - Ramboll Group


Univ.Prof. Dr. techn. Helmut Rechberger

Vienna University of Technology
Institute for Water Quality and Resource Management

A-1040 Vienna, Karlsplatz 13/226

Phone: +43-1-58801-22645


Legal Information:

Vienna University of Technolgy is proprietor of a patent application titled „Verfahren zur Ermittlung der Anteile biogener und fossiler Energietraeger sowie biogener und fossiler Kohlendioxidemissionen beim Betrieb von Verbrennungsanlagen“ (Method to determine the fraction of biogenic and fossil energy carriers as well as biogenic and fossil carbon dioxide emissions at the operation of combustion plants). The European Patent Application number is published under no. EP 1715339.

Vienna University of Technology will prosecute any infringement of the mentioned patent becoming known to us.

Developed by:

Institute for Water Quality and Resource Management & inka software

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